Don't worry about closed spaces, crowded places or close-contact! You can enjoy your resort stay with us at Seagaia!



Phoenix Seagaia Resort Restaurant and Bar Operation Hour Changes

【 Operation Hour Change Period: August 1, 2020 (Saturday) ~August 16, 2020 (Sunday) 】

In accordance with the expansion of July 30, 2020 Miyazaki Prefectural Mandate for Restaurant and Bar Temporary Closures, Phoenix Seagaia Resort will change its restaurant and bar operation hours as per below. 
Please be aware that all of our restaurants and bars will close at 20:00, and alcohol will be served until 19:00. 
Please take advantage of our take-out items that we will continue to provide.
For those who had planned to use our restaurants and bars, we apologize for the inconvenience and highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



Resort COVID-19 Further Infection Preventive Measures

■All staff wear masks. 
■All staff wash and disinfect hands often. 
■All staff check their temperature at home and do a health check before their shift. 
■All facility entrances, lobbies, restaurants, elevator halls and the like have alcohol disinfecting solution. 
■Elevators buttons and hand rails and other high-frequency touch areas are disinfected often. 
■To prevent air-borne transmission, the Front counter and other guest contact areas are protected by acrylic separations.
■Direct transfer of cash is avoided with a cash tray. 
■To ensure social distancing, symbols are visible at possible guest congestion areas like the Front counter and inside the elevators. 
■To ensure social distancing, restaurant / bar tables and chairs are spaced further apart.  
■In place of buffets which have been temporarily discontinued, restaurants have open kitchens and set menus. 

We kindly request the following of our guests:

■Should you have the following symptoms, we will be unable to accommodate you: coughing, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, or chest discomfort. 
■Upon entering the facility, please use the alcohol disinfecting solution placed in all guest areas of the facility.
■Please wear a mask in all of the facilities. (Masks can be removed during exercise, but otherwise please wear a mask in the Fitness Club.)
■We appreciate your cooperation during the health and temperature check at each facility check-in. We appreciate your understanding that we cannot accomodate you if you have a fever of 37.5 C or above.
■Please observe coughing etiquette and think of others. 

Check-In ・Check-Out

Welcome to Sheraton!

Upon arrival, guests will be asked to do a health and temperature check and about their previous lodging. 
To prevent air-borne transmission, the Front counter and other guest contact areas are protected by acrylic separations. Guests are asked to observe social distancing while waiting in line. 

Front Area Social Distancing

Front Counter

Health Check

Temperature Check

Counter Disinfection

Face Shield (Bell Staff)


Guests are asked to disinfect their hands.
To avoid crowding in elevators, shops and such, there are social distancing symbols for guests to follow.
Our staff does regular disinfection so that our guests can feel safe and enjoy their stay. 

Alcohol Disinfection Solution

Hotel Social Distancing

Hotel Social Distancing

Regular Disinfection

Regular Disinfection

Regular Disinfection


Restaurants avoid crowding through social distancing and limiting the number of guests. 
In Pine Terrace, the main dining area, guests receive individual servings from the open kitchen. Guests love the picnic basket take-out from Kaze Machi Terrace. 
We also recommend enjoying a Miyazaki Beef Barbecue on the terrace to avoid crowding. 

Pine Terrace (Open Kitchen)

Face Shield (Culinary Staff)

Separating Tables /Open Windows

Cash Trays


Terrace Barbecue

Guest Rooms

From the expansive rooms, panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean allow you to enjoy the sunrise, 
feel the warmth of sun shining in, the colorful blue sky and sea, and the verdant green forest.

The illumination and night golf rise up on the luxuriant green course. 

During the full moon, you can appreciate where the moon meets the sea.

All this can be yours at Seagaia, full and relaxing days with a scenery that can't be beat.

Strict Disinfection During Room Cleaning

Strict Disinfection During Room Cleaning

Strict Disinfection During Room Cleaning

Strict Disinfection During Room Cleaning

Enjoy the day's various sights from your ocean view room

Enjoy the day's various sights from your ocean view room

Garden Pool

Guests can feel safe with our increased lifeguards and public area spaces to avoid crowding, and added safety and sanitation.

Table Disinfection

Chair Disinfection

Hand Rail Disinfection

Gazebo Table Disinfection

Golf Courses

■To shorten check-in time, please inform us of your name and related details when you make your reservation. 
■To shorten locker time, please wear your golf clothing before coming to play. 
■The golf jacket will temporarily be unnecessary to shorten locker time.
■Competition room usage for competition parties will temporarily be discontinued. 
Mid-play COVID-19 infection prevention measures are as below.

Card Holder Disinfection

Temperature Check

Regular Locker Disinfection

Front Counter Social Distancing

Regular Disinfection

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