Take-out hotel made bread

A new opened bakery offering hotel made bread and pastries for take-out.
Enjoy a wide selection of Danish pastries, bagels, and hard-type bread made with natural yeast.
Enjoy the excitement, aroma and flavor of freshly baked bread straight from KAZE-MACHI BAKERY’s oven.

Wonderful bread

【Number one favorite】 Boule de campagne

Michishio-no-shio (Salt from the rising tide) from Hyuga City is made by boiling salt water in a flat kiln. Fresh water from Aya Town was selected for inclusion in the Best Water in Japan. Campagne is made with Michishio-no-shio, Aya water and natural yeast from apple. Enjoy it with salt or olive oil, or lightly toast and enjoy as a sandwich. This simple bread brings out the best of each one of its ingredients.

【Overnight stay guests】

KAZE-MACHI TERRACE serves delicious sandwiches made with Boule de campagne.

Boule de campagne

Premium series bread made from carefully selected ingredients

Fukami's Black Curry Bread

Sheraton’s popular Teppanyaki Fukami’s special black curry is wrapped in dough and Fried.
The smooth texture and sweet black sesame flavor is followed by a pleasant spiciness. It’s the perfect match with fried bread.

Fukami's Black Curry Bread

Red Curry Rice Flour Bread

THE SEAGAIA KITCHEN CAR caters food all over the city. Red curry rice flour bread, made by wrapping Sekido-chokka-no-red curry in chewy rice flour dough and baked is an original creation offered by the SEAGAIA KITCHEN CAR.

Red Curry Rice Flour Bread

Shop Information

Location Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort 2F
Hours Weekday 8:00AM~6:00PM
Holidays 7:30AM~6:00PM

Reservation / Contact

Phone : 0985-21-1133

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