Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

The luxurious hotel with ocean views admired by the world VIPs.

The 45 storied prism shaped hotel, with a height of 154 meters, is loved by the world VIPs. It has a variety of room types such as Japanese and Western styles. The minimum size of a standard room is over 50㎡. From the whole 743 rooms, panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and a long established golf courses can be seen. The room consists of Sheraton’s original beds that promise you to give an ultimate level of sleep. Enjoy experiencing the most luxurious resort life with international restaurants, hot springs, spa, etc.

36th Floor Club Floor Lounge "Sheraton CLUB"

The premium category "Club Floor" upgraded to more than 36 floors that opened on August 1, 2016. In the club floor lounge "Sheraton CLUB", full-time staff are on-site, check-in and check-out are possible, and from "breakfast to tea time, bar time" you can enjoy "food treasure trout Miyazaki" to your heart's content.

Guest rooms

Club Suite / Grand View Bath

Suite Room

A luxurious space that feels nature in Miyazaki

A special corner suite with only two rooms that you can taste extraordinary, with a view of the sky overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You can see the sunshine, the blue sea, the blue sky without obstructing from the view bath, as well as from the bedroom and the living room. It is a room that fancies the feeling of only one resort that is not disturbed by anyone by the sky view bus

Club Floor

Suite Room

Located on the high floor above the 36th floor, it is a notch space above which you can feel the "fragrance" of sea, pine forest, flowers etc with high sensitivity. From the large window, while sitting on the rotary sofa, you can enjoy the blue Pacific Ocean and lush black pine forest from the view bath to your heart 's content. Stay confirmed 24 hours after check-in. From the breakfast to the bar time, you can use the 36th floor club lounge "Sheraton CLUB".

Suite Room

Suite Room

The 18 rooms nearest to the ocean for your family to have a pleasant luxurious experience

Located on top of the prism shaped building, the Suite Rooms is the nearest to the ocean. The panoramic views of Hiyuga-nada from the rooms are the most beautiful. The spacious room with the breathtaking views will transform your family time even more precious.



The room with a large floor area has a view of the Pacific Ocean.

16 – 35F Deluxe Floor: The glass wall between the bathroom and bedroom lets in natural sunlight and creates feeling of space. The new set of interior creates fine living space.



Relax in a spacious room with an ocean view.

8 – 15F Standard Floor: Range of guestrooms to suite every guest’s need: relaxing by yourself or with someone special, having fun with your families and friends.

Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed

Sheraton signature bed

Sheraton signature bed, Sheraton's original bed created in pursuit of a comfortable night's sleep.

The bed is created with a multiple number of a 30cm-thick mattress and high coils.
The specially designed bed is designed by Sealy Co., Ltd, the No. 1 bedding company in the US. Regardless of a body shape and weight of a user, the bed supports the back bones adequately, which provides a comfortableness like being wrapped in a swing basket.
Other features are soft textured Duvet (feather quilt) and a feather pillow, well ironed cotton sheets, which will lead the guests to an ultimate sleeping experience.

Floor Map - Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

During the summer holidays, THE LIVING GARDEN's main pool offers SUP yoga in the early mornings, fun pool play for families at noon, and a photogenic night pool at night. Fireworks at 20:00 every day during summer vacation! (Swimming period / Fireworks period: Summer only)

Pool swimming period: July 13th (Sat)-15th (Holiday), July 20th (Sat)-August 31st (Sat) 2019

Service facility

2nd floor Concierge

The concierge staff is the best person to ask about the hotel and sightseeing.

Please do not hesitate to ask us about any big or small questions regarding from your hotel life to sightseeing plans.

Business hours / 8:00 - 20:00

Reception / inquiries Activity Center

B1 floor Car Park Recharge Station for Electric Vehicles

Location: B1 floor Car park
Office: 2nd floor Bell Desk (extension: 45074)
Number of the equipment: one
Recharge standard: 200V
Price: for our guests Free / per recharge Outsiders ¥2,000 / per recharge
(Please complete the recharge within two hours each time)

House Regulations

[Inquiries regarding reservations] Phoenix Seagaia Resort Reservation Center

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TEL:0985-21-1113  FAX:0985-21-1239(9:00 - 18:00)

[Inquiries regarding the facilities] Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

Hamayama Yamasaki-cho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
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