Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

Bathed in sunshine and caressed by sea breeze, the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort is located in the ocean-front Phoenix Seagaia Resort, blessed with infinite sky.
The Resort caters to the full enjoyment of invitees, not to mention the couple, with a family-and-friends overnight stay wedding vacation.

El Cielo

The boundless sea and sky are the all-encompassing backdrop for your wedding.
The 270-degree panoramic view from 141 meters above ground is a luxury only the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort can provide.
Create your moment of celebration with your choice of music, from wind and brass bands to gospel.


The separately built chapel is designed to give the warm feel of mother earth.
A sophisticated space decorated by white marble appears as guests walks across the approach.
The soft natural light falling through the stained glass and the resonant music provided by an organ, a violin, and a choir bless your sacred moment.