Onsen at Shosenkyu

Onsen at Shosenkyu
Onsen at Shosenkyu
Onsen at Shosenkyu

In a deep pine grove, we become one with the nature as we are surrounded by flowers.
Enjoy this unique hot-spring resort style.

There are stories that stimulate your five senses even just by walking on your ways to the hot spring.
Japanese tastes are nicely arranged based on the Himuka Myth that creates exotic atmospheres. The hot springs in traditional Japanese styles are very mysterious.
Large / medium sized open baths, separate baths, gardens filled with flowers, sun soaked pool, etc.

A large bath, medium bath and open air bath… or even a separate bath. The hot spring, which gushes out from a layer of 10 million years old, is effective for various symptoms including beautiful skin.
The spring water, which contains chloride, is 1000 meter underground, which geological layer is 10 million years old.
The fossil components of ancient seawater are extracted from the hot spring, which is effective for various symptoms including recovery from fatigue, blood circulation, joint pains, etc. It is also good for the maintenance of skins as it stimulates the circulation of skins.

Walking along Yukata Walk to tell you an amazing story before bath.

Walking along Yukata Walk to tell you an amazing story before bath.

The 230-meter long Yukata Walk stretches to the hot springs.
Wear your favorite yukata when going to bath.


"Tsukiyomi" Notice of business change due to women's bath maintenance

"Tsukiyomi" women's dressing room extension work will be carried out, so the following changes will occur.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers and ask for your understanding.

■Period: October 17th (Monday) to December 28th (Wednesday), 2022 *Scheduled
■Target: "Tsukiyomi" women's bath closed
Opened exclusively for women, including men's baths at "Shingetsu"



A view from the bath expands to an open air…
A romantic warmness that is designed based on myths.

Having the views from the bath likened to the world of Watatsumi, the bath heals your exhaustion with a pond on the other side of the open air bath.
Oshima nuri, a traditional technique of Miyazaki, a lattice shape placed on the ceiling of the indoor bath.
The appearance of the color changes depending on from where you look at it, which represents Japanese four seasons.

■Business hours / 6:00-10:00, 16:00-23:30 (Last entry 23:00)
* Due to the change in Tsukuyomi business hours, guests staying at Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort can use Maenoyu "Sangetsu" until 12:00 only on Wednesdays.


Open air bath that is surrounded by pine groves.
Enjoy sun lights shining between trees in the mornings while at night time you can look up the stars through the pine groves covered with illuminations.

Beyond the door after the corridor is the largest bath in Shosenkyu.
The best feature of Tsukuyomi is an individually established open air bath, which is placed in the pine groves.
You will have a warm feeling and become more open-minded as deeply breathing the smell of pine trees in.
It also has an amazing Moon Lookout to watch the moon.

■Business hours / 6:00-23:30 (Last admission until 23:00)
Due to maintenance, every Wednesday CLOSED 10:00-12:00
The hotel guests of Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort can use the facility for free.

Seagaia Premium Members Club Members (SPMC) ONLY
Day Use: 10:00-16:00
*Wednesday Day Use Hot Spring Hours 12:00 to 16:00.

Usage Fee: Weekdays 700 yen, Weekends/ Holidays 1,000 yen
(With adult member: children 6-12 year old daily 500 yen, 13-18 year old Weekdays 700 yen, Weekends/Holidays 1,000 yen)

Separate bath (4 baths)

Because they are completely reserved, the pine forests in front of you and an open air bath with a flowing fountain are all yours.

In front of the open air bath with a flowing fountain are a fresh looking pond and pine groves.
Being in Mother Nature, your exhaustion starts healing.
The separate baths are placed in an individual building, which has sofa, shower room and basin.
Use your own relaxing time in the hot spring space by having a nap or reading.

■Business hours / 7:00-11:30/16:00-22:00
■Capacity / 4 adults per building
■Reservation / complete reservation system
■Rates / Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort guests: 6,000 yen per building (90 minutes) Reservations can be made from 1 month in advance
 Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort guests (Club Twin): 3,000 yen per building (90 minutes) Reservations can be made from 3 months in advance
 Guests of Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort (Club Suite): Free (once per stay) Reservations can be made from 3 months in advance
 *Choose from Hanareyu or Oyunomiya
Disabled person discount rate: 3,000 yen per building...Customers with a disability certificate

*The detached bath is not barrier-free.
*It is not possible to switch between two slots at the same time.
*May be closed for maintenance. Please contact us in advance or let us know in advance.

Information (business hours / prices)

Business hours

Tsukuyomi 6:00-23:30 (Last admission until 23:00)
*Wednesdays only 6:00-10:00 (Last entry 9:30) / 12:00-23:30 (Last entry 23:00)
*Guests staying at Luxze Hitotsuba/Cottage Himuka can use it for a fee.
*For SPMC members, outpatient use is available for a fee (10:00-16:00)
Shingetsu 6:00-10:00 (Last entry 9:30), 16:00-23:30 (Last entry 23:00)
*Wednesdays only 6:00-12:00 / 16:00-23:30 (Last entry 23:00)
Separate bath (the capacity of each bath: up to four adults) (reservations are essential) 7:00~11:30(90 minutes system) / 16:00~22:00(90 minutes system)

Price for the hot springs (for the guests of Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort)

The facilities available: all the hot springs
Hot spring bathing fee (Sheraton · Grande Ocean Resort guests)
Available Facilities: All hot spring facilities
Information: From April 1, 2018, guests will be limited to Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort guests. (free) Customers who have joined our Seagaia Premium Members Club can use it at special rates.

Inquiries for Shosenkyu

Please contact the number below in regards to Shosenkyu.
Phone: 0985-21-1133

Inquiries for Daytrip Hot Spring Plan

Phone: 0985-21-1113 (Reservation Center)
E-mail : yoyaku@seagaia.com