ANNOUNCEMENT Business Resumption in Stages from May 30th.
Continuous Prevention of Further Spreading of COVID-19 (Corona Virus).

Phoenix Seagaia Resort will resume business in stages from May 30th.

For resuming business and preventing further spreading of COVID-19, we have established an operation procedure that maintains the highest standard of sanitation and avoiding the 3Cs: Closed spaces with poor ventilation. 2. Crowded places with many people nearby. 3. Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations.

We highly appreciate everyone's understanding and kind cooperation while we offer our guests the safest and most enjoyable experience.

We look forward to welcoming you back!

Facility Business Schedule


5/30(Sat) Phoenix Country Club, Tom Watson Golf Course, Phoenix Golf Academy,
Seagaia Tennis Academy Luxze Hitotsuba / Cottage・Himuka
6/1(Mon) Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
※Fitness [The Ocean Club] ONLY 5/30 Open
※As some restaurants will still be closed and there will be schedule changes, please refer to our official website for latest updates.

All of our facilities will be following the same prevention of further spreading of COVID-19.

  • All staff will be required to wear a mask.
  • All staff will wash and disinfect their hands and gargle frequently.
  • All staff will be required to check their temperature and health.
  • All entrances, lobbies, restaurants, elevators and the like of each facility have increased availability of hand disinfecting solution.
  • Elevator buttons, hand rails and other high-frequency touch areas will be periodically disinfected.
  • In order to prevent air-borne contamination at front counter and other person to person guest areas and the like, there will be transparent acrylic or vinyl protective shields.
  • For payment transactions, change and other items will be returned in a change tray.
  • There are counter and floor signs for maintaining social distancing while waiting at the front counter, in the elevator and the like.
  • Social distancing will be maintained by spacing out restaurant tables and bar stools.
  • In lieu of restaurant buffets, an open kitchen will provide set menu dishes and any other direct transactions.
    We kindly ask the following of our guests:
  • Please refrain from using our facilities if you have a cough, fever, extreme fatigue, breathing difficulty, chest discomfort or the like.
  • Please disinfect your hands with our alcohol disinfecting solution.
  • Please wear a mask when using all of our facilities. (Except when driving.)
  • We ask for your cooperation during the health and temperature checks conducted when entering each facility or shop. If you should have a temperature of more than 37.5°C / 99.5°F OR 1° higher than normal, we might ask you to refrain from entering. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Please follow etiquette by coughing into your elbow and have consideration for those around you.

Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
Business Resumption from June 1st(Monday)

※Please be aware there might be further changes. ※All other facilities/outlets will be open for business as usual.

Outlet Business Resumption Details
Rooms Regular Operations
After Check-In
Garden Buffet PINE TERRACE Breakfast Buffet Open Kitchen
Lunch Buffet Temporarily Closed
Dinner Buffet Open Kitchen
Terrace Barbeque Limited Reservation Operation
Ristorante ARCO Lunch Temporarily Closed
Dinner Friday, Saturday, Sunday OPEN
*Limited Menu
Jikka Kurogi Dinner Regular Business Hours
Chinese Restaurant LAN-HAI Lunch Dinner Temporarily Closed
Kyushu Rice [Komekyu] Dinner
Sushi Restaurant [Yashio] Dinner
Teppanyaki FUKAMI Dinner
Beef Atelier USHINOMIYA Dinner
Cocktail Lounge "Pacifica" Temporarily Closed
Karaoke Room Paraiso
In-Room Dining (Room Service) Breakfast 6:00-11:00, Dinner 18:00-22:30
Limited Hours
KAZE-MACHI TERRACE Café 10:00-23:00 Limited Hours
*10:00-18:00 Light Meals
*18:00-23:00 Free Coffee Service
Club Floor Lounge "Sheraton CLUB" Breakfast Temporarily Closed
Tea Time
Bar Time
Regular Business Hours
Banyan Tree Spa 11:00-18:00
Limited Hours
Fitness Club "The Ocean Club" From 5/30 Regular Business Hours
*Lesson Program Temporarily Closed
*Sauna Temporarily Closed
*Number of Guests Limited
Hot Spring Shosenkyu Tsukuyomi
16:00-23:00 Limited Hours
Private Hot Spring:
Hanareyu 16:00-22:00
(Last entry 22:30)
*Sauna Temporarily Closed
*Number of Guests Limited
Activity Center All Activities 10:00-17:00
Limited Hours
Ocean Resort Department 10:00-18:00
Limited Hours

Luxze Hitotsuba / Cottage・Himuka
Business Resumption from 5/31

Rooms Regular Operations After Check-In
Restaurant Himuka Breakfast Set Menu
Banquet Regular Business Hours
Fitness Hitotsuba Regular Business Hours
*Sauna Temporarily Closed
*Number of Guests Limited

<Rooms will be following the same prevention of further spreading of COVID-19>

Rooms Prevention
  • At check-in, there will be a health and temperature check, and inquiry of places visited before this hotel.
  • If you should have a temperature of more than 37.5°C / 99.5°F OR 1° higher than normal, we might ask you to refrain staying with us. We appreciate your understanding.
  • In order to avoid crowding and depending on the situation, check-in and check-out procedures might be done not only at the front counter, but also in the lobby or restaurant.
  • During August peak season we will have a separate check-in counter for SPMC members.
  • Room escort will not be available. Luggage will be taken to the room per request. If assistance is necessary, social distancing will be followed.
  • To follow social distancing, one guest per party will be asked to check-in,
  • To shorten check-in time, facility explanation will be shortened. Please refer to the special reward passport or the special reward information material for confirmation.
  • To follow social distancing, there will be more waiting space in the check-in lobby.
  • We recommend paying in advance to lessen the crowding at check-out.
  • We will be giving room deliveries in a bag, in lieu of handing them over directly.
  • In accordance with our Sheraton parent brand, Marriott International, all public area doors, door knobs, elevator buttons, and stair hand rails are sanitized periodically.
  • All rooms are also sanitized according to Marriott International standards.
  • According to the building management law(maintaining a hygienic building environment), we fulfill the necessary amount of ventilation(30㎥ per person). Though it doesn’t follow the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s guideline for bad ventilation, we ventilate the lobby, shops, and the like by opening the window or the door.
Restaurant and Bar Prevention
  • We take the names and contact number of guests who are not staying in the hotel.
  • After each group or guest leaves, tables, chairs, counters, menus and the like are sanitized.
  • To avoid crowding, the tables will be rearranged and number of guests limited.
  • We ask for cooperation in a temperature check before entering.
  • We will leave in-room dining deliveries in front of the door.
  • For the guest to enjoy the restaurant flavors, we offer take-out to our overnight guests.
  • We offer a take-out breakfast for our overnight guests to enjoy in their room or in the garden area.
Activity Prevention
  • We sanitize rent-a-cycles, board games and the like after each use.
  • All programs reservations can be made through our official website.
  • We will temporarily discontinue the Takibi Living Area marshmallow and other self-service items. In lieu of that, our staff will provide it to our guests.
  • For the Club Floor pillow fitting service, we will discuss it with the guest, in lieu of making direct contact with the guest.
Fitness Prevention
  • To follow social distancing, we will limit the number of guests per hour.
  • All training machines, lockers, public spaces will be sanitized after each use and/or every hour.
  • Ventilation will occur every hour. The entrance door will remain open.
  • We ask that guests wear masks when not exercising.
Hot Spring Prevention
  • To follow social distancing, we will limit the number of guests per hour.
  • Hot Spring staff will provide you with a towel and bath towel.
  • We ask that guests bring their own cosmetics and facial items.
  • The changing room will be sanitized and ventilated every hour.
  • The private hot spring 「Hanareyu」 will be unavailable for longer times for cleaning and sanitization.
Shop Prevention
  • The register counter and areas where guests and staff touch will be sanitized periodically.
  • After shopping carts are used, they will be sanitized.
  • Shop layout will be revised to avoid guest crowding.
  • Test tasting and drinking will be temporarily discontinued.
  • We appreciate your understanding that purchases will be put in a paper bag to limit time with guests..
Banyan Tree Spa Prevention
  • To limit contact with guests during treatment, we ask that guests fill out the counseling sheet in as much detail as possible prior to treatment.
  • Therapists will wear surgical masks and face shields.
  • Guests will be asked to shower before treatment. Foot baths will be temporarily discontinued.
  • To prevent air-borne transmission, therapists will wear face shields during treatments.
  • Post-treatment refreshment service will be temporarily discontinued. Mineral water will be available.
  • The couple’s room will be temporarily closed.
  • Face, head, and shoulder area massage and facial treatment menus will be temporarily discontinued.
  • Staff will always wear a mask and disinfect the area every hour.
  • The treatment rooms will be disinfected after every use.
  • Treatment rooms and the gallery will be sprayed and sanitized with UV light.

Seagaia Convention Center
Business Resumption from June 1st

Outlet Business Resumption Details
Meeting, Banquet, and the like Regular Business Hours
Bridal Regular Business Hours
Banquet Prevention
  • Group organizers will inform all banquet attendants of the required health and temperature check.
  • If you should have a temperature of more than 37.5°C / 99.5°F OR 1° higher than normal, we might ask you to refrain from using the facility. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Banquet doors will be opened and closed by staff only.
  • Microphones will be sanitized after every use.
  • The limit of guests in one banquet room has been reevaluated and adjusted as necessary.
  • Prior to use all tables, chairs, table cloths used will have been sanitized. After every use tables and chairs will be removed and sanitized.
  • We use sanitized wet hand towels that are prepacked in plastic.
  • Usage time will be limited to within 2 hours.
  • We recommend individual servings for western courses and Japanese set courses.
  • For buffet requests, we offer covered individual dishes, food served by staff or open kitchen style,
  • Food serving will not be done simultaneously with clearing.
  • All staff will wear masks, and those mixing drinks will wear gloves.
  • Staff will prepare drinks. Guests are asked not to prepare by themselves.
  • Please refrain from sharing alcohol or other drinks.
Bridal Prevention
  • We recommend online WEB meetings for any new reservations or post-reservation meetings.
    ※From mid-June we will be holding an online bridal fair.
  • All guests attending a wedding ceremony and/or wedding banquet will be asked to do a temperature check.
  • The display cake and wedding cake for guests to eat will be different.
  • Onigiri (rice ball) buffet, dessert buffet and boat-style buffet will be temporarily discontinued.
  • To prevent air-borne transmission, there will be an acrylic board at the ceremony reception desk. We ask that guest registers not be signed at ceremonies.
  • Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort 42nd Floor "El Mar" will be temporarily discontinued as a ceremony venue.
    It will be provided as a waiting room to avoid crowding. (Those with existing reservations or weekday ceremonies can use this venue.)
  • We ask for your understanding in limiting the number of guests in group photos after the ceremony.
  • We will temporarily limit taste testing to Saturday and Sunday for those new and already reserved parties on an individual basis.

Phoenix Country Club
Business Resumption from May 30th

Facility/Shop Business Resumption Details
Golf Round Through Play Open for Business
*As per reservation situation, a break might be necessary at the half point.
*Please let us know if you would like a break at the half point.
Club House Front, Shop etc... Regular Business Hours
Restaurant 7:00-16:00 Limited Hours
*Limited Menu
Competition Party Temporarily Closed
Bath Only Shower Available

Tom Watson Golf Course
Business Resumption from May 30th

Facility/Shop Business Resumption Details
Golf Round Through Play Open for Business
*A packed lunch will be prepared.
Club House Front, Shop etc... Regular Business Hours
Restaurant Temporarily Closed
Competition Party Temporarily Closed
Bath Only Shower Available

Phoenix Golf Academy
Business Resumption from May 30th

Facility/Shop Business Resumption Details
Driving Range / Short Game Area Business Resumed from May 11th
Lesson Program Business Will Resume on June 1st

Golf Facilities Prevention

Club House Prevention
  • To shorten check-in time, we will ask for your name and detailed information at the time of reservation.
  • To shorten locker room usage time, please come wearing golf apparel beforehand.
  • To shorten locker room usage time, member jackets will be unnecessary.
  • Competition party room usage will be temporarily discontinued.
Round Prevention
  • Players and caddies will be following social distancing by maintaining a 2 meter distance between each other. We appreciate your cooperation in exchanging golf clubs and the like.
  • Bunker rakes will be removed. Players will be asked to rake the bunker with their foot. If this will affect the play, without getting close to the hole, the player will be able to play from the bunker within 1 club length without penalty.
  • To prevent spreading, please do not touch the flag poles.
  • All course garbage cans and cigarette ashtrays will be removed.
  • All practice green markers will be removed.
  • The ball cleaning machine usage will be temporarily discontinued.
  • Golf carts will be disinfected regularly. Players are also asked to disinfect the golf cart handles and the like before and after play.
  • Score card holders will be disinfected.
  • Rental clubs and shoes will be disinfected.
  • The shoe cleaning machine will be periodically disinfected.

Seagaia Tennis Academy
Business Resumption from May 30th

Outlet /Shop Business Resumption Details
Tennis Court From May 30th Regular Business Hours
*School business resumed from May 7th
Lesson School From May 30th Regular Business Hours
Tennis Academy Prevention
  • Indoor court entrances and windows will be open for ventilation.
  • Locker and shower rooms will temporarily be closed.

Business Resumption from June 6th

Outlet /Shop Business Resumption Details
Burger and other items Available for regular business