Space for adults along the water. The Living Garden.

Waterside where a pleasing wind blows. A flickering flame that forgets and forgets the time. The fragrance of the trees calming down. Surrounded by such elements of nature, the outdoor space "THE LIVING GARDEN" can relax all day. Walking in the morning saw a tree leaking, drinking fresh coffee brewed, enjoying a picnic on a waterside sofa, spending a birth only with adults around a bonfire. Please find the place you like the most, and the enjoyment of your own resort.

Take-out set of "windy wait terrace"
Would you like to go to THE LIVING GARDEN with a takeout set of "windy wait terrace"? Let's have a picnic at the sofa and gazebo on the waterside.

■ Menu / Picnic basket (sandwich, salad or warm soup, fried chicken, sausage, fruit, sweets, drinks): ¥ 2,300 per person
Reception hours 10: 00 ~ 20: 00 Last order
* Available time One hour after receiving an order.
■ Sales / Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort 2nd Floor "Wind wait terrace" from 10: 00 to 21: 00 Free loan / book, reading glass, wooden game
※ It will be exclusively for guests. ※ The content may be changed.

Garden pool (for guests only)
SUP yoga in the early morning water, enjoyable pool play for families during lunch, nightly swimming in the evening, you can relax and enjoy the adult's resort style day and night.

■ Swimming period / Saturday, July 14 - Saturday, September 1
■ Swimming time / 9: 00-23: 00
■ Rates / In-Resort Hotels Guests: Free
※ It will be exclusively reserved for hotel guests.

Gazebo on the waterside.

Luxurious private space "Gazebo on the waterside"
At the waterfront gazebo where the interior changes according to the season, outside the curtain swaying in the wind, you will see a variety of plants and pools reminiscent of a tropical resort. You can read books, enjoy picnics or relax.

■ Fee / General floor guest 2,000 yen (90 minutes)
Club Floor Guest Free (1 time per night)
■ Lending time / 7: 00 ~ 22: 00 (90 minutes / once)
■ Reservations can be made at reception / reservation center, hot spring reception, club lounge, activity center, ocean club.
※Prior reservation priority

Rental services for yukata and cedar clogs

Rental services for yukata and cedar clogs

At the glass bounded bar "KUROBAR" in a position overlooking the garden area, we prepare prefix-style gin · tonic and mix cocktail which can be chosen from seasonal fruits, and also a liquor such as whiskey and brandy. Snacks that match sake, stocks of high completeness, such as blue cheese chocolate and mozzarella cheese, were stocked. We also have a take-out menu. You can spend the evening of a resort enjoying drinks on the fireflies living room or on the waterside sofa

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